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    Solar Film Installation

    Conservatory Solar Films Can Be Used Very Effectively To Reduce Heat and Glare

    There are situations where heat gain is relatively small. For example a north facing conservatory will not suffer with heat gain in the intensive way that south facing conservatory will.

    Glare on the other hand may well be a problem in summer months. In these situations Solar Control may be effectively solved by simply the application of the correct type of solar reflective film

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    How is it installed?

    For some conservatory roof insulation installations it is necessary to first coat the glass with solar reflective film to prevent a build up of heat between the existing glass roof and the insulated ceiling. Generally this is not required for polycarbonate roofs.

    Before fitting, the glass area must be carefully cleaned by the fitting team and then the film is generally applied to the inside while wet.

    There are also certain situations where it is preferable to fit to the glass externally. This requires a different type of film and different application methods.

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    We are delighted with the work on our conservatory insulation and will be very to send you a few photos from our phone. – J.R. Suffolk
    We are so glad we transformed ours, the conservatory is now a place that is always used not shut off because of the cold. – J.W. Essex
    Thank you so much. I love my conservatory now that I can use it. Having the roof insulated was one of the best home improvements I have ever made. – M.P. Bournemouth
    I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our new conservatory ceiling insulation it is wonderful and so comfortable to sit in now. I will recommend you to all of my friends. – Mrs W.N Aylesbury